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[Updated 6/30/13]


  • Policy Directive - The actual SBA rules which provides guidance to the agencies in running the SBIR/STTR programs. This language became effective as of 8/6/12
  • Executive Summary - SBA's brief explanation of rules
  • Amendment - SBA's explanation of rules that were amended
  • Appendix - SBA's detailed information on changes
  • Law - The reauthorization law (NDAA FY-12). The pupose of the SBIR/STTR portion of this law is to modify the code "15 USC 638" that actually governs both SBIR and STTR.
  • Code - 15 USC 638 - The codification of the SBIR/STTR language into law that governs the programs. If the SBA's Policy Directive is contray to provisions in 15 USC 638 (which occasionally happens), the law wins.
  • 1. Overall Changes to Phase I, II & III structure

    2. Eligibility
    * Many of the eligibility issues are part of the SBA's size standard rules that are separate from the Policy Directive

    3. Certifications
    * Many new important certification rules for the small businesses and the agencies

    4. Commercialization

    5. Data Rights

    6. Fraud, Waste & Abuse

    6a. Essentially Equivalent Work

    7. Technical Assistance

    8. Collaborating with Federal Laboratories and Research and Development Centers

    9. Award Size and Limitations

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