SBIR PD 2002
Policy Directive - Section 10
Annual Report to the Small Business Administration

10. Annual Report to the Small Business Administration

The Act requires a ``simplified, standardized and timely annual report'' from the SBIR agencies. The following paragraphs explain more about this requirement, including the due date, the kinds of information to be included, and the number of copies to be submitted to SBA.

(a) Annual Report Due Date and Number of Copies. Reporting must be on an annual basis and will be for the period ending September 30 of each fiscal year. A single, hard copy report is due to SBA by March 15 of each year. For example, the report for FY 2002 (October 1, 2001-- September 30, 2002) must be submitted to SBA by March 15, 2003. SBA encourages agencies to submit their annual report before the March 15 due date. The report should be sent to the address noted in Section 5(b). However, if agencies choose to send an electronic version, it should be sent to [email protected].

(b) Annual Report Content
(1) Agency total fiscal year, extramural R/R&D total obligations as reported to the National Science Foundation pursuant to the annual Budget of the United States Government.
(2) SBIR Program total fiscal year dollars derived by applying the statutory percentum to the agency's extramural R/R&D total obligations.
(3) SBIR Program fiscal year dollars obligated through SBIR Program funding agreements for Phase I and Phase II.
(4) Number of topics and subtopics contained in each program solicitation.
(5) Number of proposals received by the agency for each topic and subtopic in each program solicitation. Identify the number of proposals received from HUBZone SBCs.
(6) For both Phase I and Phase II, the awardee's name and address, solicitation topic and subtopic, solicitation number, project title, and total dollar amount of funding agreement. Identify women-owned SBCs, economically and socially disadvantaged SBCs, HUBZone SBCs, and Phase II awardees with follow-on funding commitments.
(7) Justification for the award of any funding agreement exceeding $100,000 for Phase I or $750,000 for Phase II.
(8) The number of awardees for whom the Phase I process exceeded 6 months, starting from the closing date of the SBIR solicitation to award of the funding agreement.
(9) For an agency Phase III award using non-SBIR Federal funds to continue a Phase II project, the agency must provide the name, address, project title, and dollar amount obligated.
(10) Justification for awards made under a topic or subtopic where the agency received only one proposal. Agencies must also provide the awardee's name and address, the topic or subtopic, and the dollar amount of award. Information must be collected quarterly, but updated in the agency's annual reports.
(11) An accounting of Phase I awards made to SBCs that have received more than 15 Phase II awards from all agencies in the preceding 5 fiscal years. Each agency must report: name of awardee; Phase I funding agreement number and date of award; Phase I topic or subtopic title; amount and date of previous Phase II funding; and commercialization status for each prior Phase II award.
(12) If applicable, report the number of National Critical Technology topic or subtopic funding agreements issued, including an identification of the specific critical technology topics, and the percentage by number and dollar amount of the agency's total SBIR awards to such National Critical Technologies topics.
(13) Report all instances in which an agency pursued R/R&D, services, production, or any combination of a technology developed by an SBIR awardee and determined that it was not practicable to enter into a follow-on funding agreement with non-SBIR funds with that concern. See Section 9(a)(12) for minimum reporting requirements.
(14) Report the number and dollar value of each SBIR and non-SBIR award over $10,000 and compare the number and amount of SBIR awards with awards to other than SBCs.