SBA's SBIR Policy Directive Changes - January 8, 2014

Unofficial Presentation by SBIR Insider -

12. Supporting Programs and Initiatives
(4) Funding.

New text in blue, deleted in red


(4) Funding.


(i) Beginning with FY 2013 and ending in FY 2015, the Secretary of Defense and each Secretary of a military department is authorized to use its SBIR funds for administration of this program in accordance with the procedures and policies set forth in 9(f)(3)section 9(e)(3) of this directive.


(ii) Beginning with FY 2016,††† (ii) In addition, the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of each military department isonly authorized to use not more than an amount equal to 1% of its SBIR funds available to DoD or the military departments for payment of expenses incurred to administer the Commercialization Program. In accordance with the Such fundsó

procedures and policies set forth in Sec. 9(e)(3) of this directive, these funds will be taken from the 3% administrative set-aside if the pilot program is extended. Such funds--



††† ††††(A) Shallshall not be subject to the limitations on the use of funds in 9(f)(2)9(e)(2) or 9(e)(3) of this directive; and


††† (B) Shall††† (B) shall not be used to make Phase III awards.