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Jere W. Glover

Jere W. Glover has been a pioneering figure in SBIR since its planning stages in the late 70's. As counsel to the House Small Business Committee, Glover directed an extensive set of hearings on small business and innovation that laid the ground work for the creation of the SBIR. program. Over the years he has continued to be a leader in the preservation, growth and maturation of the SBIR and STTR programs.

As a protégé of the legendary Milton Stewart, (the first SBA Chief Counsel for Advocacy 1978-1981), Glover served as Stewart's Deputy Chief Counsel for Advocacy. Glover worked in the private sector as CEO/principal of a biotech company and a medical technology company, then back to the SBA where he served as the Chief Counsel for Advocacy from 1994-2001. In 2000 Fortune Small Business magazine listed Glover as #9 on their "Power "30" list of the most influential folks in and around the Beltway who talk your talk.

Former SBA Chief Counsels, from left; Jere Glover, Tom Kerester, Frank Swain, and Milt Stewart

Glover is currently the Executive Director of the Small Business Technology Counsel (SBTC) and an attorney with the Brand Law Group in Washington DC, representing small businesses on SBIR related issues..

Revival of the Tibbetts Awards Program

Glover's notable contributions to SBIR continued in 2006. He lead the way to reinitiate the all important Tibbetts Awards program that was suspended in late 2002 by the SBA due to severe budget constraints. Although there was no hope of SBA's ability to restart the program, Glover found a way to fund the Tibbetts Awards outside of the SBA, as an initiative of the non-profit SBTC, in cooperation with and sponsorship from several federal SBIR agencies and other corporate sponsors.

The importance of the Tibbetts Award program cannot be overestimated. In addition to honoring the best in SBIR achievement from around the country, it also raises awareness and gains support from Congress, which is vital to the SBIR program's continued funding and reauthorization. Congress and small businesses benefit from publicity of the successes generated by the program and presentation of the prestigious awards. Often times the Tibbetts Awards program helps bring small businesses closer to their federal and state elected officials.
SBIR Pioneers, Jere Glover right, presents Tibbetts/SBIR Pioneer Award to Senator Warren Rudman

Glover set forth policies to insure a level playing field for the Tibbetts Awards evaluation process by recruiting several federal agency SBIR program managers, retired SBIR program managers, SBIR alumni, the SBA and Roland Tibbetts as evaluators. The awards presentation ceremony and Capitol Hill reception held September 26, 2006 in Washington DC was a resounding success.

The DoD Commercialization Pilot Program

Another important contribution by Glover in 2006 was his participation in the creation of the new DoD Commercialization Pilot Program (CPP). He was a keystone figure in helping to design a program that would be good for the small businesses, the agencies and the prime contractors. He worked closely with congressional staffers to fine tune the language and get the amendment incorporated into the Defense Appropriations bill of 2006.

Fighting Unfettered SBIR Access by Ineligible VC Owned & Controlled Entities

Last, but not least of Glover's contributions for 2006 was his leadership in fighting against the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and other special interest groups seeking unfettered access to SBIR funding by ineligible VC owned and controlled entities. Glover worked with important congressional staffers to fashion a reasonable compromise but BIO always seeking to get more, backed out at the last minute, thinking they could use Senator Bond to hammer out a more leveraged deal for their special interests. BIO did not get their way in 2006, in part due to Glover's actions.

Being the Executive Director for the SBTC, you would expect that this work would all be a part of Glover's paid position. However, the SBTC position is only part time, and Glover also works as an attorney with the Brand Law Group in Washington DC, specializing in helping small businesses on SBIR related issues. In spite of his busy schedule, much of Glover's time on the SBIR issues listed above has been "off the clock" donated time, and most of us in the SBIR field have been the beneficiary of his work.

The SBIR Gateway is pleased to name Jere Glover, SBIR Person of the Year!

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