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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program
Final Policy Directive

Small Business Administration
August 6, 2012

** With January 8, 2014 Ammendments in Red **
Beta 03 January 15, 2014

On January 8, 2014 the SBA issued amendments/updates to the SBIR Policy Directive (PD) that was originally published on August 6, 2012, to include the new language of the SBIR reauthorization that was signed into law (PL 112-81) on December 31, 2011.

After the PD was published in 2012, SBA asked for comments. Some of the changes in this January 8, 2014 update, reflect SBA's response to your comments, as well as some other changes that needed to be done, and some minor verbiage cleanup.

The sections in "Red" below are sections that have been updated. In those updated sections, the new language is in blue, and there is a button by each major change that will allow you to see what modifications were made.

This is not an official SBA effort, and it is expected that the SBA will publish the full updated PD in a few weeks. We will have discussions of these changes, and what it may mean to you in our upcoming SBIR Insider at www.zyn.com/sbir/insider.

** The SBIR Law & U.S. Code **
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  • The U.S. Code: 15 USC 638
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    The Actual Full Text Policy Directive

     Section 1 - Purpose
     ** Section 2 - Summary of Legislative Provisions
     ** Section 3 - Definitions
     ** Section 4 - Competitively Phased Structure of the Program
     Section 5 - Program Solicitation Process
     ** Section 6 - Eligibility and Application (Proposal) Requirements
     ** Section 7 - SBIR Funding Process
     ** Section 8 - Terms of Agreement Under SBIR Awards
     ** Section 9 - Responsibilities of SBIR Participating Agencies
                         and Departments
     ** Section 10 - Agency and SBIR Applicant/Awardee Reporting
     Section 11 - Responsibilities of SBA
    **  Section 12 - Supporting Programs and Initiatives

     ** Appendix I - Instructions for SBIR Program Solicitation
     Appendix II - Appendix II--Codes for Tech-Net Database
     Appendix III - Solicitations Database
     Appendix IV - Company Registry Database
     Appendix V - Application Information Database
     Appendix VI - Award Information Database
     Appendix VII - Commercialization Database
     Appendix VIII - Annual Report Database
     Appendix IX - Performance Areas, Metrics and Goals
     Appendix X--National Academy of Sciences Study

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